Our Goals

Every Bit Helps

Our goal is to raise money to donate to cancer research and the Carolina Raptor Center. All proceeds will be split equally between these two great causes. We are raising money through t- shirt sales, bracelet sales, auction events and raffles. Additionally, food sales and trinkets at day of event will be included in proceeds.

If you would like to donate to this cause, please visit our e-shop on this site or you may donate directly below. Mark April 30, 2022 on your calendar and join us at the Carolina Raptor Center for a day of fun and community support.


Great Horned Owl Level

I love birds and think cancer is horrible.  I'd like to support both.



Red-Tailed Hawk

I'd like to drop kick cancer in the booty.  I think saving birds is great too.



Turkey Vulture Level

Cancer sucks.  We really don't like it. Birds are cool. Thanks for donating.