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Just a group of teens trying to make a difference



I am a Sophomore at Cox Mill High School. In December 2020, my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  He has had multiple surgeries, tons of chemo and more radiation than we can count.  Even though the cancer is back, we won't stop fighting for a cure.  I hope that you will join me in finding a cure and helping my Dad and all of the other people who are fighting cancer right now.



I am a Sophomore at Lake Norman Charter. I began volunteering at The Carolina Raptor Center in 2019. I love teaching visitors about birds and conservation.  In my free time, I like swimming, wakeboarding, hiking and skiing. I was affected by cancer when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018.

The Village

Hannah Sheets

The Ultimate Helper


Audrey Rodgers


Contributors & Sponsors

A special thank you to those who have donated their time, talent
& hearts to making this fundraiser a success!


Sandra Kisluk


Sandra is a local artist who created the most amazing poster for us to help showcase the fundraiser.  She truly has a gift for transforming ideas into beautiful art.

To see additional work by this artist, visit her at:


Anne Olson

Blazon Productions

Anne designed & donated our 'Flight from Cancer' logo.  The bird in the logo is an owl -- with sharp talons and near silent flight, the owl is definitely the right bird for this fundraiser!

In addition to her logo talents, Anne is also an accomplished harpist!  Come to the fundraiser and see her in action!


Atrium Foundation

Lasting Impact

Special thank you to the Atrium Foundation for all that you do to move cancer research forward!


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

A special part of our village

Thank you for saving my dad's life.  You will never know the impact that you have had on so many lives.


Carolina Raptor Center Volunteers

Support and Generosity

Huge thank you to all of the amazing Raptor Center volunteers who are giving their time & knowledge through their volunteer efforts on the day of the event!  Thanks!

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